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Foot or Ankle Problems

...will affect 80% of people during their lifetime. There are a wide variety of causes for these problems and most of the time they can be treated efficiently, affordably, and conservatively. When you have a foot or ankle issue, it is essential to treat it properly. Remember, YOU HAVE ONE PAIR OF FEET TO LAST A LIFE TIME.

Finding the Cause

When you have foot pain, often times it's more serious than you think. Serious problems can result when it is ignored and not treated by a Podiatrist. The J Street Podiatry Group, Inc. under the direction of Barry E. Weiner, DPM, located in the heart of Sacramento, cares for all your foot and ankle problems, no matter how small.

We will diagnose your foot or ankle problem quickly and begin a treatment plan tailored to bring a rapid solution to your podiatric condition. The J Street Podiatry Group, Inc., provides state-of-the-art medical services. We are well trained in all types of podiatric treatment to provide rapid, compassionate, and comforting relief to every patient. We will personally answer your phone calls to schedule your appointments and answer any questions you may have during business hours.